The beginning of your OEM contract manufacturing process starts with sourcing parts that you need. When it comes to the whole processes involved in outsourcing from China, the Simmons Group is your most reliable partner. And this is especially true when it has to do with OEM contract manufacturing. At Simmons Group we are experts in finding the right products for you to import from China, as well as sourcing the pasts that you are going to need for your mechanical assembly lines no matter how complex they might be.

Always our in-house engineers and experienced souring team work as a team to handle every OEM contract manufacturing job that our clients have. This teamwork and synergy ensures that no matter what your manufacturing needs might be you get to benefit from excellent local on-site management expertise.

Are you in need of specialized knowledge with getting electrical conduit fittings? Do you plan on sourcing for parts for your electronics OEM contract manufacturing? Then you would be better off coming over to the Simmons Group.

By now, you should be aware that in the global market China investment castings are pretty competitive. At the Simmons Group we can provide these services to you as well as assistance with OEM contract manufacturing.

When you work with us at the Simmons Group you are going to benefit from our expertise in outsourcing in the Pacific Rim which comprises of more than fifty years of experience in OEM contract manufacturing. Come and benefit from our connections in business and our experience in this industry. You have all the assistance you could ever need when you work with us