About Simmons

If you are struggling with perfecting your global sourcing strategies then you only need to come to the Simmons Group for the solutions you need. From product design and development to product delivery and shipping, you can count on our experts to follow you through the whole process.

The steps that are involved in our total project management process are:

  • Production Start-up
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control
  • Audit Inspection
  • Product Shipping and Delivery

Our quality assurance outsourcing capabilities at the Simmons Group can support a huge array of product groups. These range from electronics for both consumer and industrial markets to metal castings for industrial applications. Under our product listings you can see a full list of our castings. If you are in need of qualified and experienced representative of your global sourcing strategies and interests inside the Pacific Rim you would not find a better partner than the Simmons Group.