Gray Iron Castings

From our Pacific Rim offices offer to our customers all over the world a wide array of castings. A few of the materials we utilize for casting comprise of:

  • Brass
  • Steel
  • Zinc
  • Gray 
  • Aluminum

Most often, it is the transportation and aerospace industries that make use of gray iron castings. Due to their resistance to high temperatures and cracking they are preferred by those industries. Electronic housings and engine parts are the typical uses of gray iron castings. However, this material is also used by decorative and artistic applications as well. No bake mold procedures and green sand are used in making these castings.

Aluminum sand-casting processing

Aluminum sand casting is typically used for aircraft parts, components, engine parts, and several other applications. The finest aluminum alloys are used in the aluminum sand casting process in three varying mold processes: semi-permanent mold, green sand castings, and no bake.

Zinc die-casting in China

Some of the most durable and strongest parts are produced using this type of die-casting. When compared to sand casting smoother surfaces can be produced. In China, there is more popularity for zinc die casting especially when one has shapes that are complex and have thickness that varies. Die-casting reduces the assembly time whereas it might take you several stampings when you use the die stamping method.

The easiest alloy to cast is zinc. It is strong and also easily plated. In China, the benefit of zinc die-casting is that for smaller components zinc tends to be more economical. Magnesium is also the easiest to machine, even though zinc is the easiest alloy to cast.

High corrosion resistance is offered by copper. Also, in terms of strength it comes close to steel. Parts that have dimensions that are extremely close are designed with tin and lead. When compared to forging and if there is not a lot of waste, die-casting tends to offer lower finishing costs.

The Simmons Groups can equally support your metal contact manufacturing by providing precision investment castings.