A fancy word used for purchasing is procurement. All major purchases are handled by the purchasing department of a company. Usually, it is in the energy industry that this term is used. By buying future contracts, electricity, energy, and gas are “procured.” Procuring or procurement is therefore the act of getting material or property or services. The use of sourcing agents or procurement agents can be involved in procurement outsourcing

Procurement Services Providers

You really would want to consider hiring a product sourcing company or a procurement outsourcing company if your own company is short-staffed. Activities such as matchmaking your company with suitable sources, consulting on logistics and quality control can be done for you by these sourcing companies. Bypassing procurement service providers or engineering inspection services is something some companies think about. However, such companies are never going to be prepared to face the numerous challenges that await them if they lack experience in products procurement outsourcing from China.

A couple of these challenges comprise of:  

  • Factory pricing – companies may not have sufficient time to visit factories often enough to follow through and have the finished product inspected.
  • Time Zones – if you do not have Chinese representatives and representations your questions could last as much as 24 hours before they get answered.
  • Language Barrier – English-speaking representatives are not found in all factories and a lot of names for materials or technical terms are not easily translated.

Engineering Inspection Services

You are going to ultimately save money time when you have someone on site to inspect and fix any problems right away. You can be rest assured that when you work with us at the Simmons Group we are well-trusted by our manufacturing component sourcing solutions. Therefore, all of your engineering inspection services can be efficiently and easily implemented.