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Plastic Injection Molding

We provide a revoManufacturers in the Pacific Rim have obtained a reputation all over the world for their expertise in the manufacture of products and components for plastic injection moldings.

  • These manufacturers had developed a world class skill in tool making which CAD/CAM facilities support. .
  • Want to test our proceAlso, there are from 40 to 750 tons of plastic injection components available. These two factors make sure that only products of the highest standard are produced.
  • We have available an abundance of super tough or glass filed nylon, styrene to co-polymers, along with production expertise standard resins and the newest of engineering plastics. Also available are insert plastic injection molding which can be found in either vertical or horizontal injection sets.
    • We have a wide range of special finishes. These vary from wood grain and chrome plating to vacuum plating. A range of our decorated finishes comprise of double injection molding, ink fill, tampo printing, and silk screening.
    • All finished products and their components are designed to comply with the standards set by the following bodies:.
    • FDA
    • UL Standards
    • Canadian Standards Association (CSA)
    • Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS)/li>
    • British Standards (BS)
    • ASTM International
    • National Science Foundation (NSF)

A wide range of product categories are covered by our production expertise and applications. These applications are numerous and include air conditioning, heating, plumbing, office equipment, hardware, machinery, computer peripherals, automotive industry, medical, telecommunication, and electric home appliances.


In the 1950s, production expertise mold making started in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Its aim was to provide support for the production at the local level of simple items for the consumer. The need for plastic injection tooling that were of higher quality arose out of the adoption od new technology by the local mold makers and the subsequent development of increasingly sophisticated products. An introduction has now been made of EDM machines and CNC machine tools. Presently, tooling of the durability and size required internationally are being exported by Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Presently, Taiwan and Hong Kong can produce molds of increasing complexity through their employment of sophisticated CAD/CAM systems. By reason of this advantage these two countries can supply tooling for the manufacture of not just electrical appliances, household articles, and toys but also of television parts, computer housings, and other components that have precise specifications.

Hardened or stainless steel could be found in the molds produced in the Pacific Rim. They also come with cavity materials, gate type, mold base construction, and other features that have been selected to comply with certain manufacturing requirements.


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Only carefully selected toolmakers working under the project management of our in-house engineers are responsible for developing all tooling in our offices. As a client you should expect to be updated with progress reports at every development stage, comprising of an evaluation of test shots and monitoring of mold corrections.

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If you are in need of Pacific Rim engineering the Simmons Group is your best source. Come and talk to us today about the unique tooling development services that we provide to our numerous clients. Once you contact us, you would understand why we are the go-to source for the production of your items in-house using great plastic injection components and plastic injection tooling. You really don’t have to go off-shore anymore for your plastic injection moldings.