Pioneers in the export-focused Plumbing Industry

In 1949, the Simmons Group was responsible for the initiation of Japan’s export-focused plumbing industry products. This same feat was replicated in Taiwan three decades later. It is therefore no surprise that when it comes to quality plumbing industry products Taiwan has grown to be a major source of supply. They also boast of some of the best plumbing valve manufacturers who produce top-notch products for industrial and residential use in Europe, Canada, and the US. Today, China and Thailand have equally started to benefit from our pioneering efforts as our above-mentioned accomplishments have now been extended to these two countries.


Products Range

You have the opportunity of selecting from a vast array of plumbing valves when you select the Simmons Group as your China OEM manufacturer. Due to our expertise as reputable plumbing valve manufacturers you can select from various readily-available plumbing valves such as stop valves, glove valves, swing checks, ball valves, gate valves, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) gate valves, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC), gun metal, bronze, and brass.

The specifications and standards which we comply with comprise of:


British Standards


Japanese Industrial Standards


Canadian Standards Association

UL Standards



American Society of Safety Engineers


International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials


National Science Foundation

As reputable plumbing valve manufacturers, the Simmons Group is involved in the following applications for plumbing valves

Vitreous china lavatories

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A full range of bathroom accessories

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Two handle, single lever, washerless and ceramic cartridge taps

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Two and three valve bath tub diverters with trim

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Sink, lavatory, and tub wastes

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Stop valves

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Lavatory faucets

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Sink faucets

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Efficient Technical Staff

There is a growing and varied product rage for international markets. Our technical staffs of experienced plumbing valve manufacturers work with an ever-increasing number of OEM clients all over the world who need products to be manufactured and engineered to their proprietary designs. It is no wonder then that the Simmons Group is capable of satisfying both European and North American standards and specifications.

Presently, the Simmons Group and the Pacific Rim are major players in supplying products which are specification products and specification work of quality to the plumbing valve industry all over the world. This is a fact that we take pride in.