The Simmons Group maintains offices in the Pacific Rim. It is from these offices that our customers anywhere in the world are being provided with a wide array of castings to meet their needs.

We have a large range of options for your castings here in the Simmons Group. Apart from sand casting metal, other types of castings which we provide include:

  • Die castings
  • Sand castings
  • Zinc castings
  • Ductile castings
  • Aluminum castings
  • Stainless castings
  • Iron castings
  • Steel castings
  • Investment castings (Lost Was and Permanent)
  • Malleable castings
  • Gray castings
  • Bronze castings
  • Brass castings

Facility Equipment

For zinc die casting we have available hot chamber machines with a capacity of around 250 tons. Equally available for brass and aluminum castings are cold chamber equipment with a range of between 250 tons and 1,600 tons. In addition, we have both gravity-fed die castings and powder-coated aluminum die castings which are essential for those critical aluminum and brass castings which have a tendency for requiring greater strength and a higher quality finish.

Finishing Services

If you want the best finished parts you can rely on our machining capability. At Simmons Group we utilize most advanced technologies in our Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining centers. This is why we are industry-leaders when it comes to the handling of the most complex drilling operations drilling operations as well as simple drilling operations. We also offer you an array of color choices for your jobs. Your surface finishes can be completed as a product with powder-coating or epoxy liquid, polished chrome, satin, or even lacquer coating along with polished brass. The choice is really up to you. You can just count on us to deliver the perfect surface finishing that you require.