An overview of our electronic operations

A more efficient and responsive production along with increased technical capabilities, and increasingly high levels of quality are now being demanded by the major markets of electronics all over the world. These requirements are now being efficiently packaged by the Simmons Group through our contract electronic manufacturing. With our experienced staff, we are able to provide our clients with electronic sourcing and electronic assemblies in the Pacific Rim that are deemed to be among the very best today. Our in-house staff and professionals in electronic sourcing and electronic assemblies in the Simmons Group can expertly coordinate every logistical detail. They do this after identifying and qualifying manufacturers, conducting inspections independently, and testing for quality.


In the manufacturing industry, it is well-known that while electronic assemblies are better done at home it is often more efficient to source for subassemblies, parts, and components from overseas. There is a wide array of these end-products. In terms of their application they can vary from retail point-of-sale terminals and industrial controls to educational devices.

When one studies a wide variety of consumer products such as communication devices, calculators, home appliances, automobiles, and so on we would discover that electronic components, transformers, microprocessors, and electronic displays are now found in them.

Specific Product Experience:

All kinds of surface mounted products, CAM/CD assemblies, power supplies, LED and LCD displays, stuffed and unstuffed single-and multi-layered PC boards, POS terminals and all other types of finished products and electronic assemblies are sourced by the Simmons Group.  We are exceptionally good when it comes to electronics sourcing because we know that when it comes to a wide range of industrial and consumer products these components are essential. The Simmons Group is deeply involved in an array of OEM accounts all over Europe and North America.